Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Faves: the best of the web this week (IMO)

 Hi, Friend!

I'm back after an almost 4-month-long blogging break. In that time, I finished up my first year of seminary at Princeton Theological Seminary, drove across the country from New Jersey to California (where I'm now living), hosted a friend from the Netherlands for six weeks, started prepping Dova Academy (aka, we're homeschooling this year) and transferred to Fuller Seminary. Did I mention ministry work? It's been a big one, that's for sure!

There's been so much great stuff floating around online these days! Bible studies, videos from the Olympics, TED and TEDx talks from some amazing minds ... even workouts! But let's face it. All the good stuff tends to get overshadowed and drowned out by the negative junk.

So here's my weekly attempt to make the Interweb world a little bit better. As many Fridays as possible, I'll post a curated list of my favorite positive, encouraging, healthy, inspirational posts from around the web.

My hope and prayer is that with every image you see, video you watch or link you click, you feel a little better and/or you're inspired to move forward in some area of your life.

Without further adieu, here's this week's list:

This adorable woman got her groove back after yoga therapy. The picture is really worth 1,000 words, but click through to the article anyway. At 85 years old, Anna decided to give yoga a try and made significant progress in her quest to recover from severe scoliosis pain.

Photo credit: TipHero


My friend Michelle's new book, Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor's Personal Journey Through Depression is blowing up on Amazon. In it, she shares her depression story, from her unique perspective as a doctor-patient. It's one of the most unique books on the topic of mental health I've ever read - grounded in Scripture, practical advice and hope. She even includes playlists in case music therapy resonates with her readers. I highly recommend the book and her website!

Photo credit: Dr. Michelle Bengtson


Speaking of talented friends, check out my friend Jana's super sweet Etsy shop, Sweet to the Soul! I ordered a few of her hand-lettered wooden signs (pictured) and printable downloads for our apartment this week. I can't wait to hang them up! She also sells Bible journaling kits, journals, canvas and other unique products. I love that everything she comes up with is super high quality and Scripture-oriented.

Photo credit: Sweet to the Soul Shoppe 


One of my favorite cookbook authors and wellness advocates Rebecca Katz released her first video-based course and I am SO excited about it! Rebecca's cookbooks The Cancer Fighting Kitchen and The Healthy Mind Cookbook are stunning in how Rebecca combines taste and health in easy-to-create dishes. Whether you have cancer, care for someone with cancer or would just like to prevent a future diagnosis, you'll get a ton out of the content in The Cancer Fighting Kitchen Course

Photo credit: The Cancer Fighting Kitchen Course  


Psychology Junkie brought the www this gem of a post, with all you need to know to help any person you know through a stressful time, based on their Meyers-Briggs Type profile. My "type" is ENTJ and they totally nailed my stress profile. My Facebook friends and I agree that we all need t-shirts or necklaces with our profile types on them! Imagine how much easier that would make our lives :) If you don't know your profile, here's a free online test from Truity that I trust as fairly accurate compared to the in-depth (and expensive) tests I've taken in the past. You can also take a longer test for $29 from the same company, which is still a really good deal and totally worth the cost and time it takes the test. Getting to know your type allows you to get to know yourself (and how you relate to others) better. Valuable relational info! 

Photo credit: Psychology Junkie

And a final honorable mention...

Unfortunately, someone took the video down before I could get this list posted, but at one point there was a video of Michael Phelps swimming to Super Mario sounds! I totally get copyright, trademarked songs, and all that jazz, but why, oh why did they have to take that video down?!?! Can't we MP-SMB fans just have some fun, for crying out loud!?! So on that, I'll leave you with a new classic, the #PhelpsFace...

Photo credit:

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of "Friday Faves!" I'll be back next week with more fun from around the web.