Monday, November 30, 2015

#ccgoestoseminary: Teaching the Old Testament

Disclaimer: this is a "brain dump" post. Not much in the way of editing, formatting or special attention to content. Because ... finals. But ... I loved my morning and wanted to share. So ... up to you whether or not you proceed :)

In my Intro to the Old Testament class this morning, we had a guest panel of three amazing speakers join us to talk about how to preach (teach) the Old Testament. All three are currently serving the Body of Christ - Jan Ammon leads the chapel for our seminary community, Darell Armstrong and David Davis are pastors at local churches. It was SUCH a blessing to get to hear them speak about how they preach/teach the Old Testament!

And here comes the brain dump of my notes - a mishmash of quotes and my thoughts. If it's a quote, I'll use the initials of the speaker with quotation marks, if it's a paraphrase, I'll drop the quotation marks, if it's my own thought, I'll add CC.

On "controversial" Old Testament texts (those that mention violence, seem to contradict other verses, challenge conventional thought, etc):
- Tip: follow a sermon on a controversial passage with a Bible study - drive folks back into the Bible, encourage them to wrestle with the text. (DA)
- "We (pastors-teachers) need to be as equipped as we can to help folks wrestle with complicated or controversial texts - drive people back to the texts and get them to wrestle on their own" (DA)
- "We are called to intellectual integrity and honesty" - we should share how we engage with, question and wrestle with hard Old Testament texts (DD)
- We don't necessarily want to upset anyone or deconstruct the faith of our congregation, but we want to open up a new love of Scripture and respect for the Old Testament (DD)

On Christian education:
- Question for preachers/teachers: "How do we take what we have the privilege to learn in seminary and insert it into the Christian development of our congregations as early as we can?" (DA)
- Opinion: every person should know 3 languages: Hebrew, Greek and Latin - equipping kids with these in elementary school will influence their futures (DA)

On preaching-teaching the Psalms:
- The Psalms offer movement, prayer and imagery (DD) - book recommendation - Interpreting the Psalms by Patrick Miller
- 3 p's of the Psalms: Prayer (how we talk to God), Praise (how we praise God) and Piety (how we live for God) (DA)
- There is a pastoral element to the Psalms that taps into all areas of life - they connect with people where they're at in life (JA)

- "There is a difference between doing your exegetical homework and preaching your exegetical homework" (DD)
- "If you don't deal with your stuff, your stuff will deal with you" (on the importance of not only preaching about "the other" but also dealing with internal community issues)

I feel like my humble notes don't do our session today justice! Like, at all. So, if you clicked the link with hopeful expectation, are intrigued by the topic and found my attempt to share my notes lame, come visit seminary! Or find one near you :)