Thursday, June 25, 2015

#NotFineFriday Blog Tour

In the Christian community, we seem to be living an epidemic of "fine." We show up to church with smiles plastered on our faces that mask lives full of pain. We ask each other how we're doing, and somehow we're all "doing great!," "busy but loving it!," and (my personal go-to) "just fine, thanks!" The realities behind all our platitudes are marital struggles. career problems, health issues, detructive choices and the list could go on.

Behind all our "fine's" are real stories. Of pain for sure, of struggle, yes, but also, more importantly, of the grace and redemption we find through Jesus Christ. If we're lucky, we'll hear a few from time to time in small group settings or when a teacher/speaker/pastor gets brave and shares the outcome of a struggle. But, in my opinion, we don't hear these outcomes enough - and we feel alone, isolated. The enemy whispers in our ear ... 
"you are the only one here who knows the pain of depression..." 
"you are the only woman whose husband is having an affair," 
"you are the only person in bondage to an addiction" 
... and we buy into these lies, because we don't hear the many truths that could nip these destructive lies in the bud.

Because here's the reality. I'm not fine. You're not fine. And neither were a bunch of our Biblical heroes.

David - the King of Israel and the man "after God's own heart" - slept with another dude's wife and had the poor guy killed. Not fine.

Moses - raised a spoiled rich kid in a pharaoh's house, murdered a guy and spent decades tending sheep in the desert hiding. Not fine.

Paul - who wrote most of the New Testament - was a legit terrorist. So not fine! 

The thing about all these not fine guys (and many more guys and gals throughout history) - God redeemed their shame and their pain and used all of them to play major roles in His redemption of humanity.

If they could not be fine and live lives full of meaning and significance, so can we. But, we must start, fellow Christians, by taking off our masks and sharing our "not fine" stories within our communities and with the world.

Introducing.... the #NotFineFriday Blog Tour.

Hebrews 10:24 tells us that we should "spur one another on to love and good deeds." I hope these blog tours inspire all of us to share our stories with love, to encourage openness and honesty among the communities of believers we belong to (online and off) and to use what we learn through our struggles as examples of how God works everything together for His good purpose (Romans 8:28).

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