Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the latest installment in the Healthy for the Holidays series! I'm so thankful you're here - and I'm really excited about the opportunity to introduce you to some of the wellness industry's top experts, wellness enthusiasts and health warriors, as well as share what I've learned through my own research and experience! The goal of the series is to provide you with information that will allow you to make this holiday season the healthiest ever! Check back often for original content!

Well, the holiday shopping season is officially upon us! I have to admit that the season took me off guard this year - it seems like the deals and sales are starting earlier than ever!

When shopping this season, I think it's a wonderful idea to give the gift of wellness. Look for products and items that promote emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health - they're gifts that will truly keep on giving.

I'm really happy to share my top picks for healthy gifts this season, through my annual Healthy Holiday Gift Guide. 

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the guide, or see the images below, for gift ideas for kids and families. Click the links under each image to go to product order pages. Also, see a few late additions at the bottom of this post that grabbed my attention a little late. 


Food and Kitchen: 
**Late addition - check out this advent loose leaf tea set Etsy!**

Team BeachBody

Cross Training Couture
Young Living Essential Oils (email address for Julie Mahoney) 

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon
Grandpa's Garden
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder
The Gigantic Turnip
** Between November 26 and December 3, all of the above books (plus many more) will be 20% off - click any of the above links - or click here - and use code TOGETHER20. 


Organic beeswax crayons
Wind car building kit
MoMA lacing cards kit
Cooking set 
**Late addition: Eco-Dough (non-toxic)

More late additions: 
The ultimate yoga mat strap by Namastayz

**A few of the links above are affiliate links (most are not), meaning I will get a (very) small commission if you click through and purchase. It takes time and money to keep a blog running these days, so I really appreciate your support.** 

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday shopping season! 

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