Saturday, October 4, 2014

#Biblein90 challenge : week 6

Welcome to week 6 of our walk through the Bible in 90 days. Although, now that I think about it, I guess this is more like a sprint through the Bible!

My favorite verse this week:

"Give thanks to the Lord, for His faithful love endures forever.
2 Chronicles 21b

This verse caught my attention because it reminded me of memory verse we worked on last year with my son. We memorized Psalm 118:1 with him and the wording is exactly the same.

After reading this in 2 Chronicles, I did some research and found that this specific phrasing can be found in many (many many) places in the Bible. According to this article, it's in Scripture more than 40 times!

And when you really stop and think about it, this phrase really sums up the Bible doesn't it? I love it and can't wait to search for it throughout the rest of this journey.

Here's our reading schedule for the upcoming week:
Oct 5: Nehemiah 1:1 - 13:14
Oct 6: Nehemiah 13:15 - Job 7:21
Oct 7: Job 8:1 - 24:25
Oct 8: Job 25:1 - 41:34
Oct 9: Job 42:1 - Psalms 24:10
Oct 10: Psalms 25:1 - 45:14
Oct 11: Psalms 45:15 - 69:21

Enjoy and have a blessed week!

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