Friday, September 26, 2014

Finding my voice

I'm in the process right now of finding my voice here on this blog. I've had so many rich experiences, have learned so much from them and I've been feeling called to share them more freely with others. To help encourage women coming behind me and to offer something to the women walking alongside me in this season of life.

"They," (whoever "they" are) say that the best writers are the most frequent readers. I think the point is that reading a lot makes you a better writer, because you learn every time you read from someone who is effectively using the written word.

My favorite authors these days are visionaries and super-inspirational - Jen Hatmaker, Jennie Allen, Christine Cain, Lysa Terkeurst. They're all incredible - they have such obvious callings and hearts for the Lord. Add to that, they're all incredible speakers. I love how they communicate! Ha - which completely and totally reveals my not-very-secret identity "Comms Nerd." There's a reason I majored in journalism!

And here's the thing about these ladies … I've let myself be intimidated by all of them.

I know it sounds completely and totally strange …. I've met only one of them in person (after I saw her speak earlier this year - and she was completely lovely and oh-so-NOT intimidating!), and I've seen the others speak only via video or webcast.

And here's the other thing. I used to work in Corporate America, as a communications professional, who helped executives or other folks get ready for speeches, press appearances or big employee meetings.

I know, in my head, how much dad gum work it takes to get up on stage and speak.

But, in my heart, I imagine they all just leapt out of bed one morning (maybe after a big slumber party in Austin?) and floated magically onto a stage to share their beautiful heart stories via naturally articulate turn of phrase.

And because, of course, I can't do that, why should I try, right?

Is anyone laughing out loud at my silliness?

Imagine how many messages I've missed the opportunity to share, just because I'm scared that I can't speak as well. Or write as well. Or just share as well.

You know who else was afraid to speak? Moses.

But, where I've hidden, he persevered.

He took action. He worked for the will of the Lord. And God was glorified. He parted an entire ocean. Because Moses answered the call. Moses worked through his fear.

I didn't have a burning bush. I don't really need one.

From now on, I'm going to stop comparing myself to my sisters-in-Christ, who, though incredible speakers all, are just human. Just like me, just like Moses.

I'm going to start following in their footsteps and, in those of Moses as well.

Wherever this might lead, wherever my messages might take me, I'll be following Christ and sharing from my heart.

And dear friend, if you're reading this, and it's resonating with you in some way, won't you join me? Let's stop comparing ourselves to those we wish to emulate and just start being authentic, true and open. 

Let's just start. 

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  1. WOWWEEE. I can't believe you wrote about this ... just as I am trying to find my own voice. I think I have to share this path I am in with you... to walk along side this finding our voices thing together.