Thursday, September 26, 2013

Women Living Well: Book Review (can I buy you a copy?)

A month or so ago, I joined the launch team for Courtney Joseph's new book Women Living Well: Finding Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids and Your Home. As part of the privilege, I got an advance copy of the book to read and review online.

I thought it was nice and I expected the book to contain a few nuggets of info, but wasn't expecting to be blown away by every single page!

Here's a picture of my printed PDF copy:

See each of those tabs on the right side? Those are all "important" notes I don't want to forget - or want to share.

Here's a close-up:

Yep, every single one of those flags represents something I want to share. With my husband, with a friend, with a family member ... and the list goes on!

I read a lot (as in usually 50 - 60 books a year!), but there aren't many books these days that I just can't wait to give away.

This is definitely one of them.


The book is just so. darn. encouraging!

Some books by Christian writers (especially women, I'm really sad to admit), come off a little well, "preachy." If you're still reading, I'm sure you know the type - when every chapter makes you a little more depressed than the last, before you finally finish and tuck it away on the shelf, feeling like a terrible wife/mom/sister/friend/employee/church-member/Christian-who-just-doesn't-have-it-all-together.

In this book, Courtney presents solid Biblical truths about wifehood/motherhood/keeper-of-the-home-hood and is completely transparent and honest about how hard it is to live up to them. Her encouraging tones comes across more "trusted confidant" than "holier-than-thou preacher."

Don't believe me? Try these quotes on for size:

"Mothering is an intense, around-th-clock job, and solitude is not something that just happens by chance. We have to create it." 
(p. 8)

"'Lord, help ... I just need help.' Tears bubble under the surface. No more words need to be said. The Spirit understands what words cannot express."
(p. 26)

"It's the daily love of listening, forgiving, caring, respecting, and being sensitive to the other person that builds a great marriage. If you get to go out on a date night - that's the cherry on top!" 
(p. 78)

"Parenting is hands-down the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It has been the ultimate sanctifier for me. God has used it to humble me and keep me on my knees." 
(p. 135)

"Rejoice in your uniqueness. Have fun being you! Delight in your individuality!" 
(p. 196) 

The book covers four important areas, vital to all women who want to live well: 
1. Our "walk with the King" (our relationship with God)
2. Marriage (relationships with our spouses)
3. Parenting (relationships with our kids)
4. Home (how we build our nests)

This book has truly made a profound impact on me this year and I just can't wait to start giving it away! 

So, I'll be sponsoring 15 copies of this awesome book! To anyone who wants to read it and share in the journey of creating a well-lived life. I believe that making changes in the areas described in the book, based on Biblical truths, requires community. It's hard to change, isn't it? And the only way to make changes that "stick" is to have support and encouragement along with way. 

To foster that sense of community, support and encouragement, I'm going to start a book study group to really dig deep into the book and extract as much Christ-centered, life-changing and awesome goodness as possible out of it's pages. 

If you're looking for a stronger marriage, more fulfillment in your life following Christ, a more enjoyable parenting experience and a more peaceful home, I hope you'll join me on this journey! 

How exactly is it all going to work?
1. Buy an advance copy between today and September 30 (click here for a link on Amazon - it's an affiliate link - and you're welcome to buy on other sites as well!). Either paperback or digital version is fine, for the purposes of the study! 
2. Click here for details on how to register your purchase and pick up your 10 free ebooks. A companion guide for the book is included in the ebook bundle and we'll use it during our book study. 
3. Click here to register for the book study.
4. Email me a copy of your receipt and your Facebook name (if we're not already connected).
4. Participate in the book study (two Facebook posts per week for the duration of the study - dates listed below) and at the end of the study, I'll reimburse you for the cost of your book. 

When I have a full group (size limited to 15 participants), I'll set up a "secret" Facebook group that we'll use through the duration of the study. 

We'll study two chapters a week and work our way through the companion guide. 

Our study will start October 14 (giving everyone enough time to get their books!) and will conclude on December 20. 

So ... what do you say, friend? 

Are you ready to live well ?!?! :)


  1. I'm interested...Also on the Launch Team so also have a PDF Copy! Sent you an email

    1. Great! Happy to have you along for the study Kelly :)