Monday, July 8, 2013

Pressing the Reset Button

The month of my last post shows up as "January."

It's now "July."

In between "then" and "now," God has been moving in big (HUGE) ways in my life. And it's time to hit the "reset" button.

I could list them all - and I have a feeling I will in the coming months - but first, I want to share that this blog is going to be the online expression of some big changes.

1. I'm officially closing the marketing consulting and health coaching chapters of my life.
2. In the coming weeks, I'll begin writing posts that focus on my faith in God, my family life in the Netherlands, how I keep my home healthy.

Here's what I hope my posts will do:
... Allow me to honor my Creator and express the talents He's given me, using the gifts He's given me to use while I'm here.
... Encourage you. I've been through a lot and I'll bet you have too. My prayer is that God will bring people here who need to read what He calls me to write. If that's you, I'm honored to share in part of your journey.
... Offer you a chance to gain some wisdom - from my mistakes, from my successes, from our shared experience.

Here's what this blog probably won't do:
A. Conform to your expectations. One of the things I've learned about myself in the last few years is that I'm really a misfit. I don't (and probably won't) fit the "mommy blogger mold" or the "Christian author mold" or ... any other mold. I'll write on what I feel God wants me to share, in the authentic voice He's chosen to give me.
B. Rant. There's a lot of negativity going on in the world today and I won't "go there." I believe Jesus came in love and was love. To everyone. In fact, the only time the Bible describes Him getting made was at hypocritical religious folks (see Matt. 21:12-13, Mark 11:15-18 and John 2:13-22). To the best of my ability, I'm going to keep this a safe, positive place, where we can openly discuss what's on our hearts.

A few additional notes:
- I'm planning a minor blog design update, to better fit with the new goals of my blog, so please hang tight as I figure it all out! 
- As you're reading my posts, I'd love for you to forward anything you like as the Holy Spirit leads.
- I'm not planning to delete any of my old content, but I am going to be reorganizing my labels, to make them a little more "reader-friendly."

So, here we go, friends! 

Ready, set ... "reset!!!" :)


  1. Awesome, Christa! Looking forward to reading your posts! I'm sure the Lord will use you!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Thriza! I'm really thankful for our friendship :)