Friday, July 26, 2013

Moses Moments

God's been calling me to do something big. Something that scares the daylights out of me. 

I want to plan a gathering. In Europe. Like this one: To "unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose." To live for their Creator. 

I've wrestled with this. In the last month, I've said "no." I've said "I can't, Lord." "I don't want to, Lord." "I don't feel like it, God." "I'll just attend the conference in Austin, God, after all, Dad lives there" and finally, "Really, God? Me? Really?" (adding my very best Amy Poehler / Seth Myers impression) 

I've been a bit of a Moses.

And while He hasn't sent a burning bush, He's sent Facebook messages. He's sent phone calls. He's sent people asking me to do this out of the blue. 

And then He sent VBS. 

Because I struggled mightily with VBS. I felt called to do it and I started. So many people said it wouldn't work. There were so many reasons why it shouldn't work - a lupus diagnosis for me, an INSANE travel schedule for my husband this summer, two young kiddos at home, an overwhelming desire to sit on the couch with a few good books. The list goes on. But I moved forward. I honestly thought we'd have around 8 kids sign up. And now ... 22 kids confirmed, with maybe a few more. 

And through all of this, as I've been encouraged in so many ways over the last two weeks, I feel Him whispering to me...

"See, you can do this." 

"When you listen to me, I show up." 

"This is just a warm-up. Wait until you see what's next." 

"Step out in faith." 

"Trust me." 

"Do it." 

So, here we go, Friends! I'm going to start planning a women's conference / retreat. 

You may not know that I have fairly extensive corporate event planning experience and that background leads me to believe that the conference/retreat will take place sometime in the Spring. 

If you're reading this, I'm inviting you.

I don't care if you live near or far. If you like conferences or don't. If you're a Christian or not. 

Stay tuned for more information. 

And if you'd like to help (in any way), please get in touch. 


  1. Christa,

    Brave sister, I want so badly to use a 90s saying, so I will... YOU GO GIRL! I am so proud that you are stepping out in faith and doing this. God will bless you and this ministry because you have been obiedient to Him. The Lord has worked with me on this too. Over a year ago, He placed a yearning on my heart to hold a teen girls conference to benefit and raise awareness for human trafficking victims here in NC. I did as you did, aruging back that I couldn't, and how could I, etc. and I held it deep in my heart for over a year before I spoke a word to anyone about it. I'm happy to say that in March, we'll be launching our first event and I hope to make it an annual event.

    I am praying for you girl. If I can help with this in ANY way,please let me know. I'll be happy to promote on the blog or however I can help! Bless you sister!


  2. That's wonderful news, Christa! I hope I can come. I want to!