Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: Areas of Focus

I don't really "do" New Years resolutions. Why not? I inevitably slip up ... cheat on a diet, miss a workout, miss a goal deadline ... then spend the rest of the month feeling horrible and guilty. Not a fun way to live!

This year, I'm going to try something a little different. In business, companies have "strategic initiatives" or "key growth goals" or (insert official-sounding corporate speak here). I've helped many businesses, big and small, develop these types of strategic goals, as well as the tactical plans necessary to turn the goals into reality. This year, I'm going to put the skills I've learned into practice once more, this time for myself.

My areas of focus this year are:
1. Getting my groove back
2. Living thoughtfully, intentionally and faithfully
3. Organizing my priorities

As you consider making your own plans for 2013, take a step back to consider what areas of your life need some extra attention and make those your own key areas of focus for the year.

Here's to a productive, happy and healthy 2013!!