Thursday, October 4, 2012

Streamlining & Simplifying

This month, I'm all about makin' it easy. Not takin' it easy. Spreading the wellness message is my passion ... it's what gets me going!

However, I've also realized I have some redundancies in my life and I've been doing a few things backward. Take my "(week)Daily Dish" emails, for example. To send them, I log into an email service, type up the email, send it (or schedule it to send later), then try to post something related to the email onto this here blog of mine. Not a ton of work to do for one message, but the minutes definitely start to turn into hours when I send five notes a week, every week.

Added to the cumbersome email process is the fact that it takes me forever to get the darn emails uploaded back onto my blog. I'm just flat out not good at it. I could blame my busy schedule as a mom of two kids, I could blame my extrovert tendencies to do stuff with people, etc etc, but in actuality, my "forgetter works better than my rememberer" (thanks to my Grandpa Ray for that phrase). Since it takes me forever to load the emails, I get constant requests from my wonderful email subscribers looking for old messages with recipes, links to various news items, etc. I feel incredibly guilty when I miss the emails (happens frequently).

What I could have been doing this whole time is encouraging you all, my faithful readers, to use the "Follow By Email" service I already have installed on the right column of the blog. Doing so would allow me to just post to the blog and skip the whole email service, while also continuing to make sure you: a. get the emails and b. can easily find old messages/recipes/etc without waiting on me. Sounds great, huh? Yeah, it's been here all the time. I just haven't been using it!

As my husband's friend Andrew would say, "FACE PALM!"

So, effective immediately, I'll be changing my (week)Daily Dish process to the following:
- Enter your email address in the field in the right column
- Click the link to confirm that will be sent to you
- Voila - you'll receive every post via email! Just like before, but with the added benefit of knowing you'll be able to access anything you like in the future, all in one place. No need to wait for me to respond to your kind notes :)

Any questions, feel free to reach out!

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