Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Pinterest: Black Bean Casserole

How many ways can I say "yum?" Yummy, yumm-o, delish ... Ok, I guess I could probably break out the thesaurus and go on and on.

Or, I could just get you the link for this fantastic black bean casserole we had for dinner last night.

Modifications we made:
- I only used about half the cheese and half the tomato sauce called for in the recipe. Halving the cheese keeps the dish "lighter" and my hubby doesn't like things that are too "tomato-y."
- Couldn't find black beans, so used kidney beans.

Ready for the link?

Here you go.

Smaakelijk and buon apetit!

**"Project Pinterest" is a label I'm giving to all my Pinterest reviews - recipes, DIY gifts, natural cleaning tips, etc. I'll review everything I do and post the links. Enjoy!**

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