Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daniel Plan

A good Christian friend of mine and I just wrapped up a six-week health study series called The Daniel Plan.  The program was put together by the talented and blessed folks over at Saddleback Church in California and was designed in part by Dr. Oz, Dr. Daniel Amon and Dr. Mark Hyman.

Here's a complete program description, from the Daniel Plan website:

The Daniel Plan is not just another "diet". It's a lifestyle based on the biblical story of Daniel, who forsook the king's rich food in order to honor God's best for him and his friends. The Daniel Plan focuses on "The Simple Six" Core Principles, including the following:

      CONNECT for Success

     - Get in touch with your health and with others!
    RELY on God's Power
     - Willpower is not enough. You need God's power.
    EAT Delicious Whole Foods
     - Imagine the Garden of Eden as your food source.
    MOVE Your Way to Health
     - Get going. The more exercise, the more energy!
    THINK Sharper and Smarter
     - Better brain health = better life!
    HEAL for Life
     - Make a game plan for permanent changes that heal.

The Daniel Plan includes guidance from three world-class medical authorities and other wellness professionals, including:
  • Functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Brain health expert Dr. Daniel Amen
  • Heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz

If you're thinking this sounds pretty cool, you're pretty right.
We'll be bringing the Daniel Plan to Eindhoven in a bigger way in 2013. Stay tuned for details! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What if...

What if I told you about a guy who was diagnosed with late stage testicular cancer in his 20s (in other words, his cancer had spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain)? 

Whose mother was told by doctors that she should be prepared to lose her only son? 

What if I told you that same guy not only survived, but went on to raise more than half a BILLION dollars to support other folks with cancer, all around the world? Who changed the conversation about cancer, reducing stigmas and inspiring survivorship? 

Kind of a super hero, huh? 

I'll always stand behind and continue to support Livestrong. Thank you Lance Armstrong, for founding such a great organization and all that you've contributed to the global discussion about cancer in the last decade and a half.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Healthy Holidays: Halloween (Part 1)

Today, I'm starting a series called "Healthy Holidays," in which I'll be rounding up loads of my favorite recipes, party ideas, gifts, etc and offering them to you over the course of the next several months.

My family and I are hosting a costume party at the end of this month and I'm starting to work on menu planning.

I'm totally going to make these awesome little apple cider apples! You serve the cider in the apples, which is super cute, but I what I love most is that the cider doesn't contain any sugar. None. Which is awesome!

Joyfully Pregnant Summit

I'm a big supporter of all things "pregnancy." My dad is an OB-GYN doc and I grew up in and around his office, so pregnant women and new moms were a constant part of my life.

As an adult, I worked in my dad's office briefly, went on to get prenatal/postpartum group fitness certified and worked with pregnant patients, new moms and families struggling with fertility as a health coach.

As a former health coach, mom and lover of all things holistic, I was so thrilled to find out about a free online conference focused on helping families achieve healthy pregnancies holistically. If you, or someone you know, are struggling with infertility, please check out this great-looking conference!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great idea: "Healthy Child" School Committee

Stumbled onto this post on Facebook about a blog-mom who started a "Healthy Child" committee at her daughter's school and I L.O.V.E. it. How great would it be for every school to have a group of parents committed to spreading the health message to all students (and their parents)?

Click here to read all about it.

I predict a future project for myself as Colin enters "full-day" school in the near future!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Pinterest: Black Bean Casserole

How many ways can I say "yum?" Yummy, yumm-o, delish ... Ok, I guess I could probably break out the thesaurus and go on and on.

Or, I could just get you the link for this fantastic black bean casserole we had for dinner last night.

Modifications we made:
- I only used about half the cheese and half the tomato sauce called for in the recipe. Halving the cheese keeps the dish "lighter" and my hubby doesn't like things that are too "tomato-y."
- Couldn't find black beans, so used kidney beans.

Ready for the link?

Here you go.

Smaakelijk and buon apetit!

**"Project Pinterest" is a label I'm giving to all my Pinterest reviews - recipes, DIY gifts, natural cleaning tips, etc. I'll review everything I do and post the links. Enjoy!**

Prop 37: vote "YES"

 Live in California? Vote "YES" on Prop 37!

Quick Tip: Open Your Windows

Even though the weather is cooling down, remember that it's important to open your windows for a bit every day. That simple little action will help your home "breathe" and release any built-up indoor yuckiness that's released as your heater kicks on after enjoying the summer in the "off" position. 

Indoor air pollution (caused by chemicals in our cleaning products, dirt and dust we track in our shoes and the products we bring into our homes) has been shown in many studies to be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. So, throw open those windows and let the fresh air in. Your home, and your health, will thank you for it!

Click here for more tips on how to reduce the indoor air pollution in your home.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Super Salad Dressing

The recipe below is for a salad dressing that we've come to love in our house. It bursts with flavor and is chock-full of life-giving nutritious goodness. Plus, it's really easy to make. Just throw everything in a blender and voila!, you're done.

  • 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled
  • Small bunch of parsley
  • Small bunch of basil
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • Salt and pepper
Directions: blend all of the above in a blender or food processor until smooth. I like serving it over a salad of baby greens, cherry tomatoes (cut in halves or quarters), sliced portobello mushrooms and chopped cucumbers. However, you really can serve it over any salad greens/veggies that you enjoy.

Streamlining & Simplifying

This month, I'm all about makin' it easy. Not takin' it easy. Spreading the wellness message is my passion ... it's what gets me going!

However, I've also realized I have some redundancies in my life and I've been doing a few things backward. Take my "(week)Daily Dish" emails, for example. To send them, I log into an email service, type up the email, send it (or schedule it to send later), then try to post something related to the email onto this here blog of mine. Not a ton of work to do for one message, but the minutes definitely start to turn into hours when I send five notes a week, every week.

Added to the cumbersome email process is the fact that it takes me forever to get the darn emails uploaded back onto my blog. I'm just flat out not good at it. I could blame my busy schedule as a mom of two kids, I could blame my extrovert tendencies to do stuff with people, etc etc, but in actuality, my "forgetter works better than my rememberer" (thanks to my Grandpa Ray for that phrase). Since it takes me forever to load the emails, I get constant requests from my wonderful email subscribers looking for old messages with recipes, links to various news items, etc. I feel incredibly guilty when I miss the emails (happens frequently).

What I could have been doing this whole time is encouraging you all, my faithful readers, to use the "Follow By Email" service I already have installed on the right column of the blog. Doing so would allow me to just post to the blog and skip the whole email service, while also continuing to make sure you: a. get the emails and b. can easily find old messages/recipes/etc without waiting on me. Sounds great, huh? Yeah, it's been here all the time. I just haven't been using it!

As my husband's friend Andrew would say, "FACE PALM!"

So, effective immediately, I'll be changing my (week)Daily Dish process to the following:
- Enter your email address in the field in the right column
- Click the link to confirm that will be sent to you
- Voila - you'll receive every post via email! Just like before, but with the added benefit of knowing you'll be able to access anything you like in the future, all in one place. No need to wait for me to respond to your kind notes :)

Any questions, feel free to reach out!