Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick and healthy "go to" party recipes

I love parties. I love planning them, I love hosting them, I love being invited to them. I love getting together with groups of people to celebrate just about anything, while also enjoying great conversation and delicious foods. I'm particularly enjoying the potluck parties that are really popular at our church here.

On Saturday, I went to a baby shower for one of the women at church and struck up a conversation with a friend who doesn't have much time to spend in the kitchen preparing food to take to a potluck. She asked for a few ideas, I shared them with her and thought I'd share them with you all too!

My favorite quick, simple and healthy "go to" party recipes are:
- Cucumber "sushi:" a dollop of hummus on cucumber slices, topped with freshly ground pepper
- Fruit kabobs: skewer your favorite fruits (or whatever you have on hand) onto a kabob stick, then serve with a side of yogurt dipping sauce (mix 1 tsp of vanilla and a Tablespoon of cinnamon into a large container of flavored Greek yogurt)
- Cracker "pizzas:" spread a small amount of goat cheese onto a whole grain cracker (in the US, I use any of the Mary's Gone Crackers varieties, here in Holland, I use whatever I can find), top with a quarter of a cherry tomato and sprinkle with a tiny bit of basil

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