Friday, April 6, 2012

Natural cures for seasonal allergies

Around this time of year, talk in our house always turns to seasonal allergies. I've only had them once (last year ... no fun!), but my husband and son get them every time the weather changes and it's always worse in the Spring.
Last year, we did some research/experimenting and found that a few foods helped ease his symptoms immensely:
Local, organic honey: if you can find it (usually at a natural foods store or a grocery store like Whole Foods), it really is worth the extra price, especially when compared to expensive allergy medications. Click here to read an article with more info on how this works. To fight allergies, we usually spread a tablespoon on a slice of whole grain bread.
Quercetin: This funny sounding little compound is nature's natural antihistamine and can be found in foods like citrus fruits, onions, garlic, apples, berries, lettuce and in wine. Bring on the chardonnay!
Vitamin C-filled foods: We do a lot of salads during this time of year - because everything we typically throw in ours (lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, spinach, etc etc) have tons of Vitamin C in them. It's another great natural antihistamine.
So, if you've got the sneezes, stuffy heads and general seasonal "yuckiness" that comes along with allergies, I recommend you make yourself a big salad, open a nice bottle of wine to go with it and treat yourself to a fruit salad drizzled with honey for dessert.

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