Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lunch with a side of slime

I'm a child of the 80's and therefore, I believe I'm entitled to use the word "grody." For those of you older or younger than me, "grody" roughly means "gross" or "disgusting."

Regardless of your generation, I think you'll agree with me that the idea of a child eating pink slime filled meat at school is absolutely incomprehensible.

Yet, according to this article in Huffington Post, that's exactly what's set to happen, to the tune of 7 million pounds. Think about that for a second - 7 MILLION POUNDS. Keep in mind that this meat was even rejected by fast food companies. Yet, school officials think they're ok to feed it to our kids? In the words of Seth Myers and Amy Pohler on Saturday Night Live, "REALLY?"

Go ahead and read the article if you don't believe me. Seriously. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Ok, you're back and a little more informed.


So, what's a parent like to you to do?

You have the power, SuperMama or SuperMan.  First, have a conversation with all the Juniors in your household about laying off the meat at school for a while.

Second, if you can, pack their lunches. Want them to have a warm meal? Get creative. You have all sorts of packaging options available to you now. Do a search on Amazon. I personally like stainless steel, like this stainless steel lunch jar, but if your kiddo prefers Lightning McQueen or Disney princesses, the gang's all there.

Third, after you've taken care of your first two priorities, call your school board's elected officials. Find out who's in charge of your school's food purchasing program and ask if they plan to bring this meat in. If they do, ask why. Cost will probably come up as an issue. Ask them how much your child's health is worth ... and that of all the other children in the school district.

If you find out the meat's coming in, start talking. To other parents, to your Facebook friends, at PTA, you get the idea. Talk and complain. Loudly. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Not for you, you say? That's fine, I've got some actions for you too. If you don't want to talk, write. Write to your papers, write blog posts, write an email to a reporter at a local TV station. They'll love the pink slime images, I promise you.

Finally, give yourself a huge pat on the back for helping protect your child from all the potential illnesses meat like this can cause. I can hear what some of you might be thinking, "but Christa, they say it's safe, do I REALLY have to think about this? I'm so busy, my life is so hectic (insert additional thoughts here ... I can't really read your mind. I just pretend to)..." To answer your question, YES, you and only you, REALLY have to care, because you're your kid's parent. You are the ONLY one ultimately responsible for making decisions regarding health and nutrition. And, keep in mind, "they" told our grandparents cigarettes and asbestos were safe. Hmmm ... are you sure you really want your child's health in "their" hands?


  1. I saw the same article the other day! I also remember Jamie Oliver talking about the slime on the Food Revolution! I honestly can't believe that people feed their kids that junk and think because the school provides it that it is "healthy" and "safe"! I personally do not want my kids any where near school food ( and several other foods for that matter!)

    School food was something we took into consideration when we were making our decision to home-school. After seeing your post, I am wondering how many people do not know about this! I will be posting about it also!

  2. As an update to this post ... the Washington Post reports that the USDA is caving to public pressure! Schools will now have a choice about whether or not to serve this ammonia-filled meat. Next step ... everyone call their school board officials ... light up their phones and tell them this meat is NOT good enough for your kiddos!

    Read the complete article: